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FUCKING Mexicans

FUCK YOU, YOU DIRTY MEXICANS. You fuckers are in america, thats mean you fuckers have to learn to speak English. Don't you fuckers make yourself at home be cause Mi casa isn't your fucking casa. FUCking dirty mexicans came to this beautiful country of our, and we have to provided them with shits. FUCk that man, i see that everything is english there is always a fucking spanish translated it. It's fucking everywhere, and it pisses the shit out of me. WE don't need to welcome those Fat Dirty FUckers over here so we can translate our langues into their. Most of fucking escaped over here and have babies over here and sit on their fat asses with 20 kids to get Welfare. FUCK THEM. THIS IS NOT THEIR FUCKING HOME, so you fuckers don't get too comfortable. IT's FUCKING SPAnish everywhere, everything in English is translated into Spanish. FUCK YOU, if you want to live here then you will have to learn English like everyone else, like the fucking Asians. FUCking bunch of Fat Dirty Ass Mexicans. FUCK this is pisses me off. WE even have to learn Spanish to communicate with them. FUCK that shit, the only thing i'm gonna communicate wit a fucking mexican is my middle finger, BIOTCH. (I don't care if they are some hot ass Spanish Chicks)
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