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9th graders on the damn bus

I was a ninth grader once and i sat in the very front because that is where new kids sit.Now i am a senior and i know it is kinda sad that i still ride the bus but i have other friends on the bus.Well getting to my point is that those little fuckers have the damn nerve to sit in the back but done worry we didnt let them go without giving them hell but still the next day they tried to sit in the back but one of my frinds sat where they were going to sit and then they had to sit closer to the front.I know it seems like a simple little thing but i don't like when other people get things easy when i had to work for it but i do it all the time so i am pretty sure there is someone somewhere writing about me so if you agree with what i had to say then respond to this post.

PS I HATE NIGGERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but i love black people!!!!
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