August 11th, 2004

Laying Back


FUCKING MTV AND VH1, they should fucking change their names into BET2 and BET3, or KNAE (kiss nigger ass entertainment). All the fucking channels are now start playing fucking rap most of the time now. Damn black people doesn't need another BET, the already have their own. This is bull shit, they even have 3 hours long of Rap music in MTV2. WHAT THE FUCK ???. Beside the rap music on MTV, they also have some gay ass show about some fucking faggots wanted to be made into a woman. DAMN IT !!!! they need to know what to show and what to not show. FUCK ROAD RULES, and REAL WORLD, they are fucking bunch of BUll SHit reality shows. BUnch of Kiss ass mother fuckers.
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    Cradle Of Filth : Beauty Sleep of Dom