August 9th, 2004

Laying Back

The asian fag

Yo YO Yo, i joined this to tell yall about the things i hate. I hate this Faggot in my school he's a fucking asian. A nerd, and he's damn annoying, i would like to beat his punk ass but then i'll get in trouble. And i'm not the only one that hate him this much pretty much everyone in school hate that damn asian fag. I can't stand that mother fucker.
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I hate people that are stupid. In general. Dumbass people piss the shit out of me. Most of the kids in our school are dumb as a box of rocks and I wonders whose dick their mothers had to suck to get how far they are. Some of them can't even add or subtract or even talk in actual sentences. Most of them are black but I hate everone who is stupid. Charles fits that description and so do most wiggers and preps that think they are better than everyone. I hate it when most black people (I'd say about 95% of them) dress all alike and buy 100+ dollar shoes. And then you go to their house realizing why the house sucks but they look good. I hate Megan too she's a dike. Damn stupid people suck.
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    Johnny Rebel: The White Man Marches On