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Faggot Ass Jocks

Playing sports is a good thing, but it doesn't make you way better than anyone else. Those faggot Jocks, they think playing football or Baseball for few years in high school thats mean that they better than anyone in school. Walking around the fucking school with the school letter jacket asumes that they are so damn cool. But who knows that if they could have been sitting on the bench for the whole fucking season. How fucking gay is that to wear that damn Letter Jacket every fucking day even it's 100 degree out there. "oh look at me i'm soo cool with my letter jacket, even though i dind't even play shit in the seaons.". I do play sport, alot of sports, i love them, but i dun fucking wear that damn School Jacket and think i'm way fucking better than anyone else and think others are trahes, because that is just gay, and fucking narrow minded. Most of the fUCKing Jocks, and cheerleaders are narrow minded, cause they can't see anything else beside a fucking baseball field, a Football field, or a Basketball Court. Don't they fucking realize that they are the only trashes in the community.
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