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My 2 cents.

I'm putting in my 2 cents about what my friend had to say about the attention freak. I want to fucking stab him. I've been working at the restaraunt for about 2 and a half months now dishwashing and I just recently put in my two weeks notice due to stress and no days off in 18 days and other shit going on in my life.(I work two jobs.) Anyways, last week I walked to work and as I was walking through the restaraunt parking lot the attention freak tries to run me over(Playing around), I asked what he was doing here(Even though I knew) and he said he was putting in a application and I asked for what positon and he said dishwasher and I was telling him he didn't want to do that, but he wasn't gonna listen.(They never listen.) Anyways, he talks to my boss and he gets hired as my replacement.. I was so pissed and I felt so sorry for my friend ex gf..

Ok, I'm scheduled to work this past Wednesday 5-10 at the restaraunt and I wake my dad up to take me to work(My dad sleeps during the day cause he works nights.) My dad drops me off and I go in and I see the attention freak cooking and I go to get a time card to clock in but my asshole boss was in my way looking at the schedule. I was getting so pissed off cause I said " Excuse me Bill, I need to get a time card, and he ignores me.(You have no idea how bad that fucking pisses me off.) So he ends up saying that " We don't need you tonight man, we got what's his face working tonight. " I was like " Oh ok.. " and he asks me if I needed a ride and I was like " Fuck no. Billass. "
So, The fucking attention freak took my fucking job. I fucking want to stab him!
So my last day at restaraunt is this coming Sunday morning. I'm not even going to go in, I'm not even going to call in, cause they didn't even fucking call me and tell me not to come in. I wake my dad up to take me to work and then I find out I don't have to work so I have to call my dad back to come pick me up.. SO FUCKING RUDE!! anyways.. FUCK THAT FAGGOT SON OF THE BITCH!!!

I've talk to my friends girlfriend and she doesn't really like the idea of him working there with her. The only reason he wanted to work there just to get close to her. I know it irritates her.. She tried to convince me to stay but would you want to stay dishwashing for only $5.15 an hour, and have to work with a FAGGOT SON OF THE BITCH, FUCK NO !!!!!!

I really want to stab that fucker. (People who read this know who the hell I'm talkin' about.)
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