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A new kind of hate

Alright bitches you know those kind of people that do shit to get attention and hang out with the girl they like and don't admit to anyone that they like them? Yea you do and there is one in a past entry (I'll let you do the guessing of who it is) but he got a job at the same restaraunt as the girl he likes (another hint my ex gf) and I am really feeling sorry for her. This kid is so obsessive that he would go there 2-3 times a week and say the fucking food was good which we all know is bullshit. I just hope that she sees through him the way I do (maybe I should talk to her about him). Because I know for sure he's not working there for money or to have a job. This kid is really pissing me off lately with constant bullshit. Hope someone (brian and adam) will put their 2 cents in on this guy cause I know they feel the same.
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